People from all over The Golden State are flocking towards the state’s landlocked capital. Especially those from the nearby Bay Area looking to take advantage of living in one of the states last affordable urban areas. For those looking for a slower paced life, less bumper-to-bumper traffic, and avoiding high-costs, the Sacramento region from Davis to the Sierra foothills has become a popular destination. It boasts an affordable housing market, at least compared to Bay Area standards.

Sacramento took a hard hit during the economic recession from  2007-2009.

Now it’s on the up and up and gaining momentum with every passing year. The cost of living is 5% above the national average, but before you spit out your coffee, consider Los Angeles which has a cost of living 21.5% above the national average. With the average price of an entry level single family home being $300,000, Sacramento’s housing market is drastically low for the state of California; compared to the Bay Area where the median is nearly four times that amount at $1,194,300 according to Zillow.

Housing in Sacramento is affordable, however when compared to the rest of the nation it is well above the national average. But even that isn’t stopping long-time Bay Area locals from migrating there. With average mortgage payments for a single family house in Sacramento being only a few hundred dollars more than the rent paid for much smaller apartment in the San Francisco, it’s easy to see why people are packing up their surfboards and beach gear and moving inland.

Despite not being the first choice for most people, Sac-Town has a lot more to offer than just a lower cost of living.

One notable perk to Sacramento is that there are numerous employment opportunities. Even though California has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, Sacramento has a thriving job market. State jobs are abundant in the capital, more so than other areas of the state. Sacramento provides job opportunities for people and that with the lower cost of living, they now have disposable income and the opportunity to actually save money.

Furthermore, the city has boomed with a now impressive food, arts and culture scene. There’s been an explosion of new restaurants, many of which are runned by chefs trained in Bay Area kitchens. There’s a fresh energy to the area’s dining scene which has been proclaimed by the Sacramento Visitors Bureau as the “Farm to Fork Capital.” Along with the monthly art walks, new microbreweries and quaint coffee shops, this city has much to offer for families and appealing to the next generation of young people graduating from college and eager to find a hip bar scene on a Saturday night and chill farmer’s market on a Sunday morning.

With Sacremento’s market on the constant upward slope, right now is the ideal time to consider moving to the area. If you’re unsure what your first steps should be, consider contacting a reputable real estate firm in the area who is knowledgeable in the market and can help guide you through the steps to owning your affordable dream home in the Sacramento area.