Are you getting ready to put your house on the market in 2018? Consider this: There are three main characters in the story of selling your home:

  • You
  • Your Real Estate Agent
  • Your House

You’ve done all you can to prepare yourself to move, to prepare your finances and make sure you have everything you need. Your real estate agent has kept his end of the deal; preparing all the necessary paper work, gathering everything he needs to market your home and answered all your questions and concerns. But what about your home? Your home is the main character and needs to be just as prepared as you and your agent are. Staging your home is the preparation it needs! Here are three simple steps to staging your home while it’s on the market:

Keep things Neutral

Potential buyers have a difficult time seeing past clutter, mess and items or décor that are too unique. By keeping colors around the home neutral, buyers are invited to imagine their own belongings in your home. Painting your walls a neutral color and removing bulky furniture are simple steps you can complete before even listing your house. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure you have your home cleaned from the base boards to the ceiling fans to avoid unnecessary distractions.

Add to the Curb Appeal

The outside of your home is a potential buyer’s first impression of the home. Having a well-manicured lawn and clean siding should be your first consideration for boosting the appearance from outside. Plant seasonal flowers and turn your porch into an inviting place that tells visitors “welcome home.”

Let there be Light

Buyers love a well-lit, open space. Whether you choose to add some under cabinet lighting or some new floor lamps, you can never have too much light. It’s an added bonus, however, if you can boost your home’s natural light. Open up those window shades and arrange your space with light colored furniture, this is sure way to brighten your chances of a sale.